Why Outsource Payroll

Outsourcing payroll isn’t just a relief – it’s a smart business decision. Here are some reasons why:

Cost – You can reduce the amount of hours your employees devote to payroll-related activities while saving money on printing and distributing checks.

Risk Reward – You will never have to worry about penalties because of incorrectly filed tax returns.

Productivity – A trusted employee with the skills to handle payroll might be more valuable in a role that more closely affects the bottom line.

Confidentiality – There is less risk that sensitive payroll information will end up in the wrong hands.

Data Back-up – Advantage uses several offsite servers to back up data for the security of your payroll records.

Speed – Payroll Specialists are able t process the most complex payrolls quickly due to the vast technical resources at their disposal.

Reliability – Your Advantage Payroll Specialist acts as the back-up for your payroll manager.

Upgrades – Outsourcing eliminates the need for costly system and software upgrades.